How do we started this?

2020 saw the most devastating affect to the economy. Small businesses like us were badly affected. During that time, we knew we need to think of something else to earn. We decided to produce products.

We only have little left and with whatever we have, we needed to make sales. We needed to take a risk.

We planned, we reconnect and we got our first bulk order.

With this, we needed to find graphic designer, tailors, more workers.

We were lucky to find amazing designers who just lost their job during MCO who help us design and canting our batik. And we also found a tailor to sew our products. All of them were youth.

When the product were done, we found one thing, there are so much room to improve. We offered the tailor, if she would like to take a class to improve her skill and learn new things to sew and she said YES!

So that’s the beginning of our journey to become a social enterprise. We asked experienced tailor to offer training to her and now we are on our way to producing new products and starting the training.

How do we recruit?

social enterprise flow.png

Why do we hire first? Because we want to show that we are serious about them. A lot of the youth feel demotivated when they need to go through months of training without getting any paid. The first thing that they need is to survive. So with this, we give them confidence that we are serious about them.

During this time too, we could analise their strength and weakness and identify which part they could improve or what can they learn in order for them to earn.

How do we divide our funds?


We are currently in the crowdfunding stage to scale this program bigger to help more youth. There is two youth currently are training under us from the crowdfund we made in December 2020 that have seen us collecting a total of RM5,827.

How can your help us?

Sign up to our newsletter here http://eepurl.com/gCIun9 or you can email us directly to hello@bohomys.com and let us know how you want to help!

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